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Web Hosting Company in India offers low cost Quailty Secure Web Server Solution on Linux and Windows Hosting platform, Regular Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Reseller Hosting, MSSQL Database Server, Dedicated Server, Full Control Panel and Online Website Management Tools
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Database Hosting Solution

VeryFastHosting provides Fully Managed Database Hosting on Shared environment and Dedicated Database Servers. Our Hosted Database Server Solution is fully scalable to accommodate large growth and are managed by certified Professionals.

A robust, reliable, high-performance database is the foundation for e-business success. We offer Hosting Solution for several Database and Applications including MS SQL, Cold Fusion, MySql and Oracle.

SQL Shared Database
SQL Dedicated Database

MySql Dedicated Database
Oracle 10g Database

SQL Shared Database Service

VeryFastHosting delivers "SQL as a Service" on Dual Xeon Processor Servers with 2 GB of memory. These servers are fully managed and monitored by our certified support staff. Space is provisioned in minimum increments of 50 MB. Performance takes precedence. We strictly limit the amount of databases on any given server to ensure maximum performance.

SQL 2000's new features, including integrated Analysis Services, data mining, and natural language query capabilities are already helping top companies synthesize huge volumes of information, recognize and predict trends, and make accurate decisions about key business issues.

SQL Server 2000 was created to provide all of the tools and functionality your enterprise will need to create and maintain Web-enabled, database-powered applications. Rich support for XML, easy Web access to database information, and powerful analysis tools, coupled with high availability and tight security, help innovative companies rewrite the rules of business and ensure the flexibility needed to respond rapidly to future changes. Tools that offer extremely fast development capabilities give companies new levels of flexibility, drastically reducing the time it takes to develop applications.

SQL Server 2000 supports Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) standards. SQL Server 2000 also offers scalability and performance features to partition load, ensure uptime, and give you advanced management and tuning capabilities.

SQL Shared Database is available as per following packages :
MS SQL Database 100 MB Rs. 3,000.00 p.a.
MS SQL Database 200 MB Rs. 6,000.00 p.a.
MS SQL Database 500 MB Rs. 10,000.00 p.a.
MS SQL Database 1000 MB Rs. 18,000.00 p.a.
# pricing for database above 500Mb can be billed on per month basis.

SQL Dedicated Database Service

If your Website or Web Application demands the extreme power of SQL, it is advisable to go for a dedicated sql server, where MS SQL Server is on its optimum performance. For managed Database dedicated servers, we deliver superior scalability, flexibility, speed and performance. Please review our dedicated server options and ask our sales for MS SQL Server on Windows and the other services you may require. Our sales staff will prepare an advisable quote as per your customized needs.

MySql Database Service

If you are running a high usage database application or a popular forum, you may need a dedicated MySql database server to accommodate the growth of your website. We offer MySql dedicated database server and provide tuning, tweaking and optimization for high load and intensive MySQL database servers. Our managed services do expert advice and consultation including configuration assistant along with a backup solution. Please ask our sales for MySql Server on Linux and the other services you may require. Our sales staff will prepare an advisable quote as per your customized needs.

Oracle 10g Database Hosting Service

Oracle 10g is one of the most powerful Database Solution made available. If your web application demand is huge and you receive hundred of thousands of visitors a day, Oracle 10g database is the best solution for you. We offer Remote Oracle 10g Database from the small denominations of 50MB Table Space to higher Table Space as per your needs, this option is available to our dedicated server customers. There are options for additional Oracle accounts, tablespace and users on additional affordable pricing. Please ask our sales for Oracle 10g database Table Space, you may require. Our sales staff will prepare an advisable quote as per your customized needs.